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special offerRay’s Carpet Cleaning is the right choice for complete carpet cleaning services in Winona, MN and the surrounding areas. Take advantage of the carpet and rug cleaners from Ray’s Carpet Cleaning. For more than 10 years, we have been the leader in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry and we always keep our promises. Our business principles are focused towards complete customer satisfaction and not just about gaining exposure or making profit. We let our projects speak for our company. Our unmatched dedication for perfectionism is now well preeminent and recognized in Winona, MN. Our customer referral and client retention ratings continue to raise while our name and integrity remains spotless.

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Rugs and carpets are nice home decorations that should be kept in a good state for lifelong use. They not only ensure traction against slippery tile or hardwood floors, but also add attractiveness to any room it covers. But, to be fair, time is not enough these days and property owners are neither capable nor willing of wasting time and efforts to do the carpet care procedures by themselves. For everything and anything that includes carpet cleaning, call Ray’s Carpet Cleaning today. If you want professional carpet care without the professional rates, we’re the company to call on.

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No matter what kind of carpet you need cleaned, Ray’s Carpet Cleaning has the best carpet and rug cleaners. We restore your carpets and remove every piece of dirt, pet hair, debris, and other impurities that are likely to be lingered within the fabric. We perform complete steam cleaning and dry cleaning to remove strong stains and odors that have penetrated and adhered to the fabric. Low rates are one of the major advantages that we are proud of. We have the lowest rates on the local market and the most transparent contracts you will find in Winona, MN. These prices are reinforced with professional methods that get the project done quickly and efficiently. We completely clean and dry carpets without leaving the slightest spots.

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The items involved in the carpet and rugs cleaning are as much as a form of an art as the cleaning itself. It requires specific cleaning methods and solutions to cleanse the fabric to its depths. If a carpet is cleaned incorrectly, the fabric might be damaged, either by linting or loosing its colors. Common methods used for carpet cleaning include steam and dry cleaning, both of which need different kinds tools and equipment. You probably don’t have the resources and power to perform the cleaning yourself without risking the quality of the carpet. To preserve both the carpet’s value and your time, give Ray’s Carpet Cleaning a chance to help you with your project.

Convenience is also an important part of our carpet cleaning services. Ray’s Carpet Cleaning provides free pickup and delivery of your carpets, so that you won’t have to leave home and drive by our facility just to get the materials cleaned. Contact us today at (507) 454-7846 for more information on our dry cleaning and steam cleaning services!